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Synology is a Taiwanese corporation which is specialized in providing network attached storage appliances to the customers. Synology is one of the best selling routers and has distinct features that attract customers.

Defective Router Issues:

Don’t let the defective router affect your work efficiency when we have got our back.

Everyone knows how essential a router is at both home and office. Whenever the data pack in your phone expires, the first thing you do is connect your phone to the modem and enjoy the perks of an internet. A router is a device that connects multiple computer networks via wired or wireless connections. A router contains a processor, digital memory and input-output interfaces. Though Synology is the best among the lot but it is not devoid of technical flaws. Below are some of the standard errors in Synology router:

  1. Wi-Fi doesn’t reach in specific rooms at all
  2. Slow internet speed
  3. Connection drops randomly
  4. Wi-Fi network vanishes
  5. No access to the internet after getting connected

The ranges of Wi-Fi radio signals are limited. Home network connections sometimes fail to connect to devices because of wireless signal limitations. Lightning strikes or other power surges can damage the equipment. Synology routers can handle ten or more connected devices. If the limit exceeds, it might result in overloading and overheating issues. The high network activity can also cause outages. Downloading more number of files for long periods can cause a router to overheat. Scroll down for some of the additional factors that result in router malfunctioning:

  1. Mismatched Wi-Fi security settings
  2. MAC addressed restrictions
  3. Loose or disconnected cables

Are you planning to buy another expensive router? Double check your thoughts because none of the sellers will guarantee you that there will be zero malfunctioning in your device. But we assure you that once you resolve your router issues, it will never trouble you again. We will bring back the stability of your router instantly.

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