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Synology router delivers excellent Wi-Fi performance. They are featured with enhanced security, comprehensive VPN solutions and flexible file sharing capabilities. Are you facing troubles while setting up your Synology routers? No need to worry. You can avail Synology Router Live Chat support and resolve your queries online.

A router establishes a strong inter-network connection between two hosts; it can be a computer and a network. They are used for sharing internet from a network server to multiple client systems and also offer high-quality data transmission.

Are MAC address restrictions preventing your Router connections?

MAC address filtering is a feature which is supported by many routers. Though this feature is disabled in the routers by default, if the routers administrators want, they can turn this feature on. By enabling this feature, it will restrict the network connections to specific devices according to their MAC address number.

Thus, if you find any difficulty in setting up routers to join with a particular device or with a local network, you should check whether MAC address filtering option is “off” or not in your Synology router. Also, you have to include your device name in the list of connections. This cannot be done by a person who lacks technical knowledge. Don’t hesitate to call us at our support number. We will help you out.

Regardless of this issue, there are many other router problems which arise from time to time. Few of them have been listed below:

  1. Your Synology router’s connection is often interrupted if your router has turned off incidentally. Also, sometimes modem cables and ethernet cables are loosely connected to the device which restricts network connection for routers.
  2. The range of Wifi signals cannot reach the router’s and its wireless functioning goes offline
  3. Some electrical power surges might also damage the network’s connectivity and even the cables attached to it.
  4. Some incompatibility in the settings between Wifi devices such as PC and routers prevent them from being able to make a secure network connection
  5. Streaming data for a long time or downloading large files overheat or overload the routers.

Our team offers following services to our clients:

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are experienced in dealing with router problems and deliver you cost-effective solutions.

  1.  Help in the installation and uninstallation of your Synology routers
  2.  Provide support for setup and configuration of your Synology routers
  3.  Solve issues related to Router’s network and connectivity
  4.  Disable MAC address restrictions for proper connectivity
  5.  Resolve your mismatched Wifi security settings

For further queries, take our quick assistance:

Our support services are accessible 24×7 via various channels of communication. You can call us at our toll-free Synology Router Support Number +1-888-724-0506 to avail our service. You might interact with our executives directly through our Synology Router Live Chat.

We are round the clock available for our customers and you will get instant response from us regarding any of your issues. You can even avail our email support by sending us emails or can opt for remote support from the help desk.