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Routers have been designed to transfer networking signals from a single point to multiple destinations. It is used for sharing internet access through networks within the local area. Are you unable to Install or uninstall Synology Router for your home networking? Take our assistance. We are ready to help you anytime.

Synology Routers uses protocols like IP, IPX or ICMP to configure the most efficient routes between a computer and a network or between any two hosts. Its advanced features and specifications made it famous among the users worldwide.

Are you finding difficulty in the configuration of Synology Router?

The configuration of Routers is very challenging, as every network is different from one another. It is really tough to get the right combination of settings. Even some experienced personnel are unaware of the security settings of the router. Therefore, they find it challenging to deal with such issues. You can try to solve such problem by reading a long set of instructions from the manual provided with the router and by following them. But this procedure contains multiple layers of information which you might find difficult to deal with.

You can simplify this process and configure your router easily by calling us at our support number. Our team is dedicated to delivering you best solutions for your router’s problems.

There are various other problems except these which arises while you are trying to set up or install your Synology router, such as:

  1. Your router does not support all versions of Wifi which are being used by the network clients
  2. Incompatibility in the settings of Wifi devices with multiple network security protocols, which are typical variations of WPA and WEP
  3. Your Wifi key, which is being programmed to use by all the devices joining the network, is failed to recognized by the routers
  4. Your router’s administrators have enabled the MAC Address restrictions
  5. The modem and ethernet cables of your Synology’s router are loosely connected or not connected properly

Services that our support team offers to the clients:

Our team of experts is firmly committed to delivering efficient, high quality and reliable networking solutions and services to our customers.

  1.   Diagnose whether your router is configured correctly or not and run it from Web configuration console
  2.   Connect your computer to your router’s network for sharing files
  3.  We make necessary adjustments in the setup screen
  4.   Enable an encrypted wireless guest network for visitors
  5.   Secure your router’s SSID name and IP address so that anyone can’t access it without your permission

Feel free to reach us for instant and authentic service:

If you face any problem while using your Synology router, you need not worry. Our executives are 24×7 available to provide you exact solutions. If you want to share the issue of your router with our executives, you can directly talk to our executive by dialing our Synology Router Customer Service Number +1-888-724-0506. They are always ready to answer your queries. So don’t wait and spend your valuable time and money unnecessarily. Reach us quickly to avail our support.