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If you own a Router, it means you will have the advantage to connect all your smart devices of your home or office through one internet device; which includes Smartphone, computers, tablets, iPhones, smart TV, Chrome devices and what not! It provides ease in controlling all devices at one place and helps to save money to a great extent. Broadband services are always cheaper than the local mobile internet provider monthly schemes. It is largely because without spending money for each device you are getting a faster connection.
Why choose Synology Router?
Synology is a Taiwanese Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance manufacturing company. Their line of NAS is known as DiskStation for desktop models, Flash station for all-flash models, RackStation for rack-mount models. They have a variety of product ranges to choose according to your need and use. Synology guarantees lightning-fast Wifi service with speed as high as 2.5 Gigabytes per second. They are one of the best options for homes and small-office purpose use. They have engineered their routers in such a form that ensures simplified use yet high performance. You can comfortably customize your router manager and have it as you like it.


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